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Elizabeth Elfenbein on: Creative Globalization

In honor of the Global Awards 20-year anniversary, Elizabeth Elfenbein, Creative Leader and Partner at The Cementbloc and Alexis Wuyts, Multimedia Designer, Cementbloc came together to create a visual to inspire Healthcare & Wellness creatives. For this milestone anniversary, a graphic mural was designed that symbolizes the Global Awards ongoing commitment to the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠. Under Elizabeth’s creative direction and combined with Alexis skills as an accomplished muralist, their vision brings together Healthcare & Wellness creatives and sets the stage for future generations coming into the industry under the theme of “Creative Globalization.” Elizabeth shares her views on “Creative Globalization” and the mural below.

The Global Awards: You’ve coined the phrase “Creative Globalization.” Will you share your vision for creative globalization?

Elizabeth: Creative Globalization is a causal rallying cry. It asks all creative folks to celebrate brilliant global healthcare ideas, particularly in an industry like ours that’s perceived to be not as creative as other industries. How do we get the next generation of creatives interested and excited in health and wellness? We needed an idea that would ignite creatives to view it differently. Alexis’s initial sketch for the mural was based on the idea of globalization, but we made it relevant to our business.

The Global Awards: The mural was installed at The Global Awards celebration in New York City on November 13th. What were your hopes for the outcome of the unveiling?

Elizabeth: It’s all about changing the perception of this awards show. On a macro level, it would be for agency people to have a new appreciation for The Global Awards and their commitment to creativity in the largest sense of the word, especially in today’s multichannel world. On a micro level, my hope would be to have a more experiential awards ceremony, which celebrates a big idea in its totality and in real time—one that really shifts the attendees’ perception of The Global Awards from today to tomorrow.

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