About Us

Now in their twentieth year, The Global Awards® are the world's largest and most coveted award and are dedicated to the recognition of creative & innovative excellence in healthcare communications on an international scale.

By broadening the focus beyond advertising alone, the mission of The Global Awards® is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and smart design, and to explore the feelings and emotions transmitted between a message’s creator and its recipient. The intellectual and emotional achievement of communication transcends the barriers of distance, language and culture. The Global Awards® honor this profound connection.

Categories in The Global Awards® extend over regional, national and continental boundaries, and reach out to healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, production companies, and design studios that produce communications for medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare related products and services.

You can still submit your best work in the 2014 Global Awards.
Email us at erequest@theglobalawards.com OR Call 212-643-4800 ext #16 to obtain a special link to access the entry page.

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