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2015 Creative Globalization Mural Campaign

Guy Mastrion, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Brandforming℠ will spearhead the creation of the 2015 Global Awards graphic mural symbolizing Creative Globalization within the healthcare and wellness creative community. This dynamic visual, marking the 21st anniversary, will debut on December 3rd at the 2015 Global Awards celebration in New York City and commemorate the Global Awards ongoing commitment to the World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠. Under Guy's creative direction, combined with the artistic design work of TaylorJames, the 2015 mural will graphically illustrate the energy and passion of the community of global creative healthcare professionals. In the interview below, Guy shares his thoughts on the 2015 mural's creative theme, the response he hopes the imagery elicits, as well as the collaborative process initiated by Brandforming, Taylor James and the Global Awards to execute this passionate project that honors creative passion.

The Global Awards: Why did you and your company Brandforming agree to spearhead the creation of the 2015 Global Awards mural?

Guy Mastrion: I consider it an honor to take on this work because the Global Awards continue to represent the best of health and wellness advertising. There has always been a respect for and dedication to the category and year over year it is among the very best of the shows. All this credit belongs to the team at New York Festivals and the Global Awards who set and maintain the high standards we all enjoy. The work of the jury members in selecting the work is extremely rigorous and Robin Shapiro has done a wonderful job of keeping the lens sharp and focused on the best work. Elizabeth Elfenbein and her team produced such a fun mural last year, it added a lot to the show thematically. The idea they establish of creative globalization is rich ground for exploration and it was fun to think about other ways to express this idea.

The Global Awards: How did you decide what the theme will be for this year's mural, can you share the process?

Guy Mastrion: We started studying the award as an object, playing around with it in our studio, projecting light through it, painting on it, filming it, making still images -- It is a bit like a lens, if you will. I looked at some of these tests and was inspired by the work of the team as well as the work of the jury. To my point above, the Global Awards act like a lens that we view the work through. With a sharp eye, we focus in on the best of the best and then project that work back out into the world in the form of awards. What is behind this work, in fact the work of all the entries is real energy, dedication, and passion. We wanted this year's mural to exude this global creative energy.

The Global Awards: What is your creative vision for the mural?

Guy Mastrion: The vision of this mural is to deliver on the energy and passion of the community of global creative professionals who work so hard to create great work and to create an object of that global energy.

The Global Awards: What do you hope to accomplish/convey with this creative venture?

Guy Mastrion: If we are very lucky everyone will find something to love about the work, to look at the art and feel some sense of community and brotherly and sisterly respect for our collective efforts and to substantially consider the Global Awards with the respect I know everyone at the Global Awards holds for each of us. They truly are wonderful people, and I hope this piece of work reflects back positively on their commitment to our industry.

The Global Awards: Who is involved in the creation of the mural, will you tell me more about the team?

Guy Mastrion: I consider myself very fortunate in that I am constantly amazed and inspired by the people in my life. I'm going to respond very broadly here because I want to acknowledge once again that the idea of the mural started last year with Elizabeth's efforts and Robin's efforts and the team at the Globals.

This year, Brandforming picked up the proverbial ball and once we created a direction we liked, we called our friends at Taylor James who took our comp and did what all extremely talented people do, they brought their own magic and extraordinary talents to the project and rendered for each of us an image of incredible beauty and craftsmanship. Taylor James is in New York and their founding office is in London. I've worked closely with teams in both offices and each are wonderful to work with. I really cannot thank them enough for their contributions. In addition to creating the wall mural, we also worked together to render a short piece of animation of the key art for use in the reels presentation.

The Global Awards: You will unveil the mural at the 2015 Global Awards celebration taking place December 3rd, what response are you hoping to elicit from the healthcare creatives and attendees?

Guy Mastrion: First, I hope they notice before they start drinking! It's a tough crowd -- but I hope they recognize in the work the respect the Global Awards has for each of them. Second, I hope they remember that there was also a mural last year. Elizabeth, Robin and I were discussing what a wonderful contribution this can be to the show year over year, a new tradition is being born here and next year we hope the next agency that takes on this work will make it their own and bring something fresh to the show as we come together to celebrate the work. In summary, I will suggest that the awards are about the work and this mural is about the people and the passion we bring to the work. Beyond that, it's a colorful contribution to the evening festivities.

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