Elizabeth Elfenbein - Creative Partner, The Bloc, USA

Elizabeth is a leader and restless creative disrupter at The Bloc, driving innovation by recognizing and fulfilling unmet needs — for her agency, her clients, and the industry at large.

She has been breaking the boundaries of traditional health-and-wellness advertising for many years creating unforgettable, industry-first experiments and experiences that are highly engaging and deliver impressive results with all stakeholders.

Elizabeth has been responsible for some big ideas in the healthwellness sector. Most recently, she launched CaregiverSpeakUp.com a social platform that gives caregivers a voice and allows them to connect with other caregivers. Elizabeth also launched HealthAwareNext.com an educational social platform that brings attention to a different disease condition or therapeutic area every month. #Ayearofdiseaseawareness.

In addition she founded Happy Fuel, a microblogging social network and mobile app that helps people “live in the happy” by giving them a fun, simple way to discover, store, share and fuel happiness.

Elizabeth has helped raise the bar for healthcare communications in the United States, as a result, The Bloc is now the most-awarded healthwellness communications company in the United States and is recognized as the #3 agency in the world by Advertising Health.

Within and beyond the Bloc Elizabeth applies her insights, creativity, and vision to several industry leadership platforms including Healthwellnext and Enginebloc lab.
She is a sought-after thought leader, writing about innovation in the health and wellness sphere for Advertising Health, Clios.com, DTC Perspectives, MediaPost, PM360, Pharma Voice and a sought-after juror at the major advertising award shows. She has served on numerous juries including the inaugural Lions Health Festival, The Global Awards, The Creative Floor Awards and Clio Healthcare Awards.