Steven Michaelson


Founder & CEO, Calcium, USA

Steven Michaelson has spent over 35 years in the advertising industry, more than 25 of them in pharmaceuticals. Steven gained industry-wide recognition as the Founder and CEO of Wishbone, a highly successful and unique start-up that thrived for 13 years and was awarded "Agency of the Year" in 2009. Wishbone was eventually acquired by Rosetta and then by Publicis.

Continuing in that tradition, Steven founded Calcium in 2012, pulling together the original Wishbone partners to help guide and run it. In 2014, The Star Group acquired Calcium. However, disenchanted with how the management was operating Calcium, in December of 2015, along with his business partner, Judy Capano, Steven purchased back the agency and all its assets. 

Steven and his leadership team have been completely running Calcium since August of 2015. Since then, the agency has demonstrated significant growth, fueled by both organic and new-business wins. To learn more,

Prior to starting Wishbone, Steven held creative leadership positions at KPR, FCB, Harrison Star, and Robert A. Becker. He has created successful campaigns for such brands as Zocor, Glucophage, Plavix, EpiPen, Oxycontin, Depakote, and Diovan.

Before entering the pharmaceutical industry, Steven did award-winning work for clients like Ford, Lanvin, Absolute, Omni and Penthouse magazines, and Sasson jeans.

Steven is married with three children and lives in New York City and East Hampton, NY. When he is not working and taking care of his family, you can find him on the tennis court.