Tim Hawkey

EVP, Managing Director, Executive Creative Director, Area 23, USA

Born into an advertising family, Tim Hawkey spent the first 22 years of his life trying to avoid a life in advertising. He may have failed at that, but he’s made up for it with a meteoric, award-winning career. Hawkey cut his teeth building healthcare megabrands at Grey Healthcare Group and Havas Life. For the past 13 years, he’s made FCB Health his home, the last five of which he has spent leading sister agency Area 23 and establishing it as a creative force in the industry. No one would disagree that Area 23 is the most award winning healthcare agency in the US.

“Do what scares you”, Hawkey espouses to his teams. He believes that a great creative idea should challenge the customer, and the clients, even if that means implementing a little shock and awe from time to time. “If they don’t stop and notice you, then everything you’re doing is just a waste of time”.

It’s this drive to push the limits that has brought so much attention to the work of Tim and his teams, who have brought in dozens of accolades from Lions Health, the Manny’s, the Global Awards, the Clios, and the MM&M Awards, and that’s just this year. Most notably, his 2009 initiative Live in My Skin took home the Grand Global and the Grand Clio, and for the past 2 years Area 23 was named Med Ad News Most Creative Agency.

In his free time Tim is acclimating himself to the adulthood adventures of Marriage, Fatherhood, and Home Ownership.