Tina Fascetti

Chief Creative Officer, Guidemark Health, USA

Tina is a creative leader and visionary whose career spans more than 20 years and includes a strong track record of successful product launches in the health and wellness, and consumer space. Tina brings an enthusiastic approach to creating experiential, insight-driven ideas that encourage audiences to have lasting brand engagements.

Tina’s role at Guidemark Health is to ensure that each brand has the right positioning and creative platform. Her approach is to create innovative multichannel brand experiences that touch the heart, mind, and senses. No matter where a health care brand is in its life cycle, Tina’s goal is to help customers develop an experience that influences the decision-making process. Through an understanding of the customer journey and identifying the - moments of truth - when customers are most receptive to specific communications, Tina helps a brand engage its target audience in an effort to measurably increase the impact of the brand.

PharmaVOICE has named Tina one of its most inspiring people.