Malcolm Badger

Creative Director, Cognite, United Kingdom

I believe in combining enthusiasm and passion for compelling communication ideas with an engaging working style and practical appreciation of business needs.

Great communication and creativity are conceived with insight and strategic understanding, fed by teamwork and talent, and delivered by courage and expertise. Every one of us is creative (whatever our designated role) and when our combined chemistry is right, we can change the future!

Effective outcomes happen when clients and colleagues travel the creative journey together – listening, empathizing and advising and challenging when needed. We can add value every single day as friends, professionals, and guides, and through constructive collaboration, we move our clients closer to their goals.

In a world that changes faster by the second, this is still an industry where, whatever audience, channel, or technology, it’s a strong, good communication idea that will drive success. I’ve been fortunate enough to win awards and respect at both a global and local level by recognising when a good idea IS a good idea, wherever it lives and whatever it does.

I consider myself lucky to genuinely enjoy creating healthy communication and I still get that electric tingle of excitement when generating ideas that get noticed.