Tim Jones

Creative Director, Havas Lynx Europe, United Kingdom

Tim has over ten years’ experience in both South Africa and the UK (consumer and healthcare) and has worked with an array of global brands on some exciting creative campaigns. He’s been lucky enough to have thought of some pretty good ideas, and even luckier to have brave clients that believed in them. As a result, he’s collected metal at all major award shows across the globe - most notably 8 Cannes Lions and a Grand Global.

In his spare time Tim is also Deputy Editor of advertisinghealth.co.uk - an online platform that promotes discussion, thought leadership and creative growth for the healthcare communications industry.

So whether it’s a crotch-sniffing dog unit to promote a home-testing STD kit, or a radio ad that can only be heard through a stethoscope, Tim is on the hunt for ideas that shake up the healthcare industry and reward those brands brave enough to choose something different.