Gerrard Malcolm

Owning Director, Insight Agencies, Australia

Gerrard is an owning director of Insight and Healthy independent agencies in Australia and New Zealand. He is also a director of  MedicAlert Foundation and of new-media and app-development agency Healthy Digital. Gerrard has won Grand Global in the Globals as well as being awarded at Clio Health, IPA, Axis, Webby, EFFIE, Prime and Global Awards. Since his first MoDem and Apple II (clone), he’s been an advocate for using technology to improve access to information. He believes that vaccination and access to good health care have the power to improve the world.
Career highlights include:
– Lions Health 2016 Jury member on Health & Wellness
– Executive Jury of the Globals Awards, judging in New York many times, and NZ and Australian local sessions since 2005