Vinayak D. Shinde

Creative Director, Healthcare, Medulla Healthcare Communications, India

A commercial artist by qualification, Vinayak constantly crosses all lines and limits in advertising, having tried his hand at every single nuance of the trade right from design to copy. With a diploma in Maya animation, he also brings to the table sound knowledge and expertise needed for multimedia assignments.

Starting with communication design for pharma clients and then diversifying to ‘fashion’ and social media before coming back to pharma, his career graph has come a full circle. He has got a total of around 20 years of agency experience behind him. At Medulla, we are constantly amazed by the perspective that Vinayak brings in thanks to the many hats he has worn and refused to remove. In the pharma sector, he has probably worked out creatives for more media than people are often exposed to in their lifetime – including print, websites, social media, AVs and commercials.

An easy to approach personality and a flair for mentoring fresh talent has seen him at the helm of setting up teams for various agencies.  He manages to churn out work that’s logically right and aesthetically brilliant at the same time. His work is a showcase of ‘juxtaposition’ that’s a result of his use of a copious bank of information on varied subjects mixed with a whacky design sense. With due credit to his visual memory and discipline, his passion for work is contagious and spreads across departments. Striving for a new approach and exploring new avenues to communicate the message is where his passion lies.

Vinayak always says that he has never ‘worked’ as he has converted his hobbies into his profession. He is a film buff, loves writing, and likes to spend quality time with his family.