Chris Rudnick

Group Creative DirectorTBWA\WorldHealth, USA

Chris has proven that he is a creative leader during his ten years in the healthcare advertising and communications field. As a Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director at TBWA\WORLDHEALTH, Chris has developed game-changing campaigns, memorable branding, and innovative multichannel initiatives across a wide array of national and international healthcare brands. Some of the specialty brands on which he has worked on are Takeda’s Entyvio, Otsuka and BMS's Abilify, Maintena, Sanofi’s Actonel, BMS’s Orencia, AbbVie’s Humira, Celgene’s Abraxane, Alcon’s Durezol, Azopt, and Opti-Free, and Galderma’s Restylane, Dysport, and Sculptra. 

Chris has won many awards for his work including multiple digital awards for the Patient and HCP website for Alkermes’s Vivitrol (for drug/alcohol addiction) and most recently for the launch campaign and tactics for Galderma's Restylane Silk. 

Chris has also worked on MOA driven campaigns for Galderma’s Sculptra, Alcon’s Durezol, as well as a gamification of the MOA for Vivitrol. He has also launched myriad brands in categories ranging from CNS to aesthetics.

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