Carolyn O'Neill

Chief Creative Officer   Centron   USA   

Chief Creative Officer


Carolyn joined Centron in 2017, seizing the opportunity to co-create an independent agency offering that cuts through complexity and finds “the simplest path to the highest good” for clients, brands, and the communities they serve. Today, Carolyn heads a department of industry-leading talent committed to creating work that is exceptional in its simplicity, measurable in impact, and meaningful in the connections it creates.

Carolyn was formerly Executive Creative Director at CDM NY, where she shaped the agency vision in rare diseases, expanded its biotech footprint, and led the two most significant launches of recent years: a therapy for SMA, the #1 genetic killer of infants and children, and a gene therapy for inherited retinal disorders.

Carolyn is a recognized mentor to women in advertising. She is known for industry-defining and award-winning work, and has become a magnet for talent that shares her sense of purpose. Carolyn has served as an Executive Juror for Lions Health and Clio Health, and participated in the Save the Children/RB innovation hack at Lions Health in 2016. In 2011, she received the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Rising Star award.