Vinayak D. Shinde

Creative Director, Medulla Communications, India


A commercial artist by qualification, I have constantly tried my hand at every single nuance of the advertising trade right from design to copy. Starting with communication design for pharma clients and then diversifying to ‘fashion’ and social media before coming back to pharma, I believe my career graph has come a full circle. Working as a Creative Director at a healthcare specialist agency I need to get involved right from the client briefing, the strategy and also need to understand medical aspects and accordingly, suggest communication solutions that find a role for the brand in the consumer’s life and not just hard sell it.

I follow a simple approach for developing effective communication – ask the right questions, decide on the core message, and then think of the best possible solution to address the communication challenge to drive a behavioral change. The key factor after this process, the one that is equally exciting for me, is choosing a media (can be an existing media or needs to be innovated) that will do complete justice to bring alive the message.

After more than twenty years of work experience in this industry, I can probably say that it has turned me more into a quasi-doctor who is exploring new avenues of communication. At Medulla, I try to look at each brief from different perspectives till I get an appropriate creative leap and that’s the approach I try inculcate in my team too.