New York Festivals Young Global Awards Announces 2018 Finalists 

NEW YORK, NY – April 9, 2018 - New York Festivals Global Awards® Young Globals competition & internship program has announced the 2018 competition Finalists.

The Young Globals, now in their 4th year of championing young creatives, is the only college/portfolio school competition for healthcare advertising that offers students an opportunity to submit their creative work based on a challenge brief provided by the sponsoring agencies. The competition provides students with a chance to take on a truly topical issue and the opportunity to earn a prestigious Global Award, as well as the experience to test drive their career in healthcare advertising. Launched to identify and recognize emerging creative talent from around the world, Young Globals introduces students to the rewards of working in the healthcare and wellness advertising industry.

2018 Young Globals Finalist Teams:

Team “End the Opioid Trend”Columbia College Chicago, USA

·      Kyle Albaugh - Copywriter

·      Anielle Debenny - Art Director

·      Rachael Kim - Strategist


Team “Lethal Madness” – Columbia College Chicago, USA 

·      Michelle Miles*

·      Kathleen Mentzer*

·      Christian Blakley*

*(shared responsibilities for art direction, copy, and strategy)


Team “#usealternatives” – SupdePub School of Communication, France

·      Aymeric Chevalier - Copywriter

·      Dimitri Szymansk - Art Director


Team “Opioid Gang” – Lycoming College, Pennsylvania, USA (team of 1)

·      Nam Do*

*(responsible for art direction, copy, and strategy)

Students were invited to create a speculative campaign inspired by a challenge brief for the (fictional) National Opioid Addiction Prevention Council  for their project Push Back on Opioid Use. Students were asked to raise awareness about non-opioid alternative pain options as well as opioid addiction and target the audience that feels personally immune to the possibility of becoming addicted to opioids, underestimating how quickly an addiction can occur when simply using prescribed opioid medications.

Finalists were selected by the 2018 corporate agency sponsors Publicis Health/Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Calcium. Teams led by Kathy Delaney, Global Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Health/Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. Steven Michaelson, Founder / Chief Executive Officer, Calcium evaluated submissions to determine student entries achieving Finalist status. 

All 2018 Finalist teams will be interviewed by the Young Globals sponsoring agencies to determine the 2018 Young Global award-winner. Award winners will receive the prestigious Global Award, have their work showcased at the 2018 Global Awards ceremony and will be given the opportunity to experience a paid internship, (minimum of one month) based on their availability, at this year’s sponsoring healthcare agencies.

Both Calcium and Publicis Health/Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness agencies will partner as official corporate sponsors as well as mentors for the next generation of young creatives by providing internship opportunities to the 2018 competition’s winning team.  

The annual Young Globals competition is open to all college and university students, including portfolio centers, who are exploring advertising, marketing, art, design, creative writing, technology, or similar areas of creative focus.  

To find out more about the please visit: Young Globals. For more information please visit the Global Awards website at


All press inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gayle Mandel: Phone 212 643 4800

About the New York Festivals Global Awards®: Now in their 24th year, The Global Awards are dedicated to excellence in healthcare and wellness communications on an international basis. The Global Awards receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, production companies, and design studios that produce communication for medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare & wellness related products and services.

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Entries to each of the competitions are judged around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries. For more information, go to                             

Calcium is a full-service, independent healthcare advertising agency, offering strategic and creative firepower with robust in-house digital capabilities. At Calcium, clients benefit from the big agency experience without the big agency bureaucracy. This means the agency’s talent and energies are focused on delivering various forms of brand nourishment that make businesses thrive… Let’s build something strong together.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness is a leading full-service agency combining expertise in consumer wellness marketing, healthcare communications, scientific storytelling and strategic consulting. The agency specializes in helping a full spectrum of health and wellness brands succeed in the wellness space by actively promoting and motivating the health and well-being of their customers. They are dedicated to raising the bar and crafting award-winning work that helps promote positive change in people’s lives. Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness is part of Publicis Health, the largest healthcare communications network in the world.

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Xavi Sanchez talks with PM Farma Espana: the GLOBAL AWARDS

PMFARMA. / February Issue - 2018 - pg.152

Why does everyone want a GLOBAL AWARD in their showcases?

The Global Awards were essentially the first awards show that specialized in health creativity that had prestige and international relevance. The competition originated twenty-four years ago and today is part of the New York Festivals (World Best Advertising & Creative Communications) family of competitions.  New York Festivals is the organization that holds one of the most important compendiums of multi-sectorial prizes in the world: New York Festivals Advertising Awards, Midas Awards, AME Awards, among others. The Global Awards have been and will always be a reference in the field of healthcare communication and its more than twenty editions endorse this career, recognition, and positioning in the ecosystem of world health creativity. Thus, the value of having the Global Award, crystal sphere, an iconic emblem of the awards, in any cabinet or shelf of the agency is simply unquestionable. 

Who is who in the Grand Jury and the Executive Jury?

The members of the jury are professionals from the healthcare communication sector selected by the organization – the juries come from the healthcare creativity sector of advertising agencies. Representatives from more than 15 countries and the 5 continents comprised last year’s group. The jury is divided into two groups: The Grand Jury’s purpose is to select or generate the Short List of the pieces and materials presented that may be eligible for the prize. And the Executive Jury has the mission to grant the final awards: Finalists, Global Awards, and the Grand Global Award (Best of Show).

The Executive Jury is divided into two categories: The Pharma (RX) Executive Jury and Health & Wellness Executive Jury.

How do you vote?

The Grand Jury votes via an online judging session. The pieces and materials selected with the highest scores are the candidates for the awards and those that the Executive Jury will value. The Executive Jury meets in a single session that lasts a whole day. Executive Jury voting takes place in person in New York. Last year this session took place at OFFSITE, a modern meeting center in the midtown Manhattan. There, the members of the Executive Jury, after reviewing and discussing the candidate campaigns, award the final prizes: Awards of Excellence (Finalist), Global Awards and a Grand Global Award (The Best of Show). The latter is decided between all the winning campaigns of a Global Award and determined by both executive juries. The Pharma (RX) Executive Jury and Health & Wellness Executive Jury meet at the end of the session to make a joint decision after a robust discussion. 

How do you win a GLOBAL AWARD?

In the Executive Jury, we have to evaluate an average of one hundred campaigns presented in the categories and subcategories of the contest. Some pieces have to be judged in more technical categories like “Craft”, such as illustration, copy, script, poster ... and others in more open categories, such as "Educational Awareness" or "Digital Media" and its associated subcategories. This situation requires that the campaign or candidate piece seduce the jury in a very short time, often less than a video case-study in some cases.

Having said that, what are the active principles of a winning piece? It must be able to generate and arouse primary emotions (laughter, pain, complicity, empathy, tears ...); it must shake the neurons (the feeling of an original and unique piece, never seen before is the key to an international jury that has seen thousands of campaigns around the world); must try to explore new codes and communication formats (risk in the approach, explore new content formats ...) and must have an impeccable execution (graphic or audiovisual excellence is absolutely essential). It's not easy. 

Ready to win a GLOBAL AWARD this 2018?

The organization has already started to prepare the 2018 edition: rethinking or confirming the categories in which the campaigns are registered, selecting the members of the Grand Jury and the Executive Jury, registration dates ... Everything points to that this year, they start accepting entries earlier to not fully coincide with summer season ... Not missing so much. Are you ready to win a Global? 

(Ficha Premios)

Executive Director, Global Awards: Mr. Fran Pollaro
President and Executive Director, New York Festivals: Mr. Michael Demetriades,

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
OFFSITE, 52 West 39th Street (Between 5th & 6th Avenues)

Próxima convocatoria: Marzo-Junio 2018 (Pendiente de confirmar por la organización) 

Algunas dosis del  Executive Jury Internacional: 

ROBIN SHAPIRO. Global President TBWA/Worldhealth (USA)

TIM HAWKEY. EVP, Managing Director & Executive Creative Director, Area 23 (USA)
GERRARD MALCOLM. Owning Director, Insight Agencies (Australia)
JEREMY PERROT. Global CCO, McCann Health (USA)
PRAFUL AKALI. Founder & Managing Director, Medulla Healthcare (India)
XAVIER SANCHEZ. Founder & CCO, Umbilical & AmnioticTV (Spain)
KATHY DELANEY.  Global CCO, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (USA)
GUSTAVO PRATT. Managing Director & CCO, Asterisco Healthcare (Mexico)
SCOTT WATSON. EVP, CCO Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (USA)
DICK DUNFORD. Creative Partner, Looped (UK)
CHRISTIAN BAUMAN: Managing Director & CCO, H4B Chelsea (USA)

Best of Show  The Immunity Charm            Devices           McCann Health
Global Award Slums for Worms                  Posters           Medulla Communications
Global Award Last Words   Educational Awareness          Medulla Communications
Global Award The Truth Unveiled  Educational Awareness Serviceplan Health and Life
Global Award The Hardest Crossword    Newspaper        Area 23 & FCB Health
Global Award The Debate Headache    Digital Media         Weber Shandwick
Global Award Lighter Blue    Educational Awareness         McCann HumanCare
Global Award Endometriosis Reality  Educational Awareness   FCB Health Her
Global Award The Drama in RA      Rheumatology             Area 23 & FCB Health
Global AwardLiving Nightmare  Pain Management  Greyhealth Australia & Sudler Sydney

Xavier Sánchez.
Founder de Umbilical y
Founding Partner of TheBloc Partners Network

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2017 Executive Jury Spotlight: Diego Freitas

The Global Awards Executive Jury of prominent Chief Creative Officers, Managing Partners, EVPs, and Executive Creative Directors are recruited from the world’s foremost healthcare advertising agencies.  Our juries' dedication and high standard of excellence have meant that the ongoing legacy of the Global Awards is respected around the world, both by the winners themselves and in industry reports measuring the competitive excellence of worldwide advertising and communications competitions.

The Global Awards is thrilled to feature 2017 Healthcare & Wellness Executive Jury member, Diego Freitas, Creative Director for Havas Life Sao Paulo in the Executive Jury Spotlight Interview.

Diego began his early career as a handyman in a print shop in Brazil, with his first job came the love of design and craftsmanship. He realized his degree in economics was a mistake and set a new course abroad. After spending time in Madrid, he chose Lisbon as his new home, working at a healthcare agency for 5 years.

He attended Lisbon Ad School and set his course freelancing in London and Lisbon, followed by 2 years in digital and guerrilla agencies. Diego moved back to Brazil to work as Country Manager with his former agency FunnyHow?.  He was nominated as one of the top 3 ADs in Portugal and earned an international award for his work on Guinness.

At Havas Life, SP Diego is devoted to helping to change the healthcare advertising business. His work for prominent brands such as Guinness, Desperados, Nintendo, Teva, Pfizer, and Durex have granted him Gold and Silvers in Cannes, two Golds at Clio Health, One Show, CCP, Art Directors Club of Europe, Epica’s, Effie’s and Luso’s awards. He also was recruited to serve as a jury member in Cannes Lions 2017.

In the interview below Diego shares his thoughts on judging, the challenges of working in the industry, his thoughts on who’s doing break-through work in the Health & Wellness space and much more.

What are the challenges and benefits of judging work from around the globe?

Diego: At some point in our lives we probably wanted to be a tiny fly on the wall. Judging for a global award is just like that, you get the chance to experience, learn and share your beliefs in a room full of amazing people, looking at the very best of our industry. It's a privilege that pushes us to be better every day and therefore pushing our clients and brands forward.

What are the challenges of working with your region’s healthcare and Pharma (Rx) advertising?

Diego: Our creative process is fundamentally connected with our cultural and social background, meaning each country has its own regulations which create different problems to be solved. In a country so vast and wild such as Brazil you have global brands everywhere, 200 million people and a vibrant market to explore so you have to be relevant and think beyond borders.

Who in your opinion is doing breakthrough work in the pharma space and what makes it so compelling?

Diego: I cannot praise the brilliant work the folks from Area23 has done enough. They gathered an amazing hard-working team and put them together in an environment full of challenges. This paid off with several awards this year and an inspirational philosophy. At the same time, I think we're all living through a creative movement that began a few years ago. It's certainly a great time to be in healthcare advertising.

Is there confusion in labeling creative “Healthcare & Wellness” vs “Pharma”?

Diego: There is a lot of confusion and for good reason. Both categories are actually different industries and not just a media format such as Mobile or Outdoor. It means that we can find posters, mobile apps, radio spots, VR experiences and amazing promotional work in one category, which is kind of unique. This statement is not just a reality when judging but also within our daily work. We have to do it all and do it right. I'm expecting to see health agencies growing strong and reaching more of and more the "health and wellness" industry.

What is your favorite Healthcare & Wellness advertising campaign that you’ve seen this year and why?

Diego: Things are so brilliant that is hard to put a finger on a single campaign. I really love to see the change in the tone and attitude of the health campaigns and for that, I choose "SickKids" (video below) and "The World's Biggest Asshole" (video below) as two of my favorite pieces this year.
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2017 Executive Jury Spotlight Interview: Guy Mastrion

The Global Awards Executive Jury of prominent Chief Creative Officers, Managing Partners, EVPs, and Executive Creative Directors are recruited from the world’s foremost healthcare advertising agencies.  Our juries' dedication and high standard of excellence have meant that the ongoing legacy of the Globals is respected around the world, both by the winners themselves and in industry reports measuring the competitive excellence of worldwide advertising and communications competitions.

The Global Awards asked 2017 Executive Jury member Guy Mastrion, President & Chief Creative Officer of Brandforming™  to weigh in on the state of health, wellness, and pharma advertising.

Guy is no stranger to the world of Health & Wellness, as one of the original founders of Palio, he was instrumental in establishing the organization as a respected brand with offices and affiliates around the globe. He is a founding member of Watershed Bridges and founder and Chief Creative Officer of Brandforming™, a multidisciplinary, strategically driven, creative organization.

An award-winning creative with work spanning local, national, and international markets, Guy’s expertise has garnered honors in all the prominent competitions including The Globals, CLIO, Cannes, Graphis and New York Festivals.

Guy is paying it forward for the next generation of creatives; he was recently appointed the ninth
F. William Harder Chair of Business Administration at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. His classes on branding, marketing, and creativity are sought-after experiences at the college.

Below, Guy shares his perspective on the evolution of global health, wellness, and pharma communications.

Is there confusion in labeling creative “Healthcare & Wellness” vs “Pharma”?

Guy: I would call it more of a frustration than confusion. I think at this point we’re all clear on how we have come to define the differences. That said, the debate about Health & Wellness vs “Pharma” didn’t exist at this level before digital-social. They are separate things. Apples vs Oranges. These days we see these incredible creative executions in the Health & Wellness category from around the globe that clean up at the awards shows. Many of these are big, expansive ideas that are unencumbered by U.S. culture and regulations. For agencies operating inside the U.S., the frustration comes with a lack of opportunity for this type of work and the lack of recognition for “Pharma” work. By separating them into two categories and recognizing them as two distinct types of work we breathe new life into the majority of work that is getting done every day around the world in support of brands. It’s hard work to do well and it should be recognized. Individual categories will encourage entries into both and relieve the frustration.

How do culture and consumer experience play into the overall creative mix? 

Guy: It has a significant impact. Broadly speaking, healthcare initiatives outside the U.S. have traditionally been driven from a more socially conscious perspective.  DTC advertising is not allowed in most other countries. Therefore, digital-social technologies are not looked at as another media to exploit in pursuit of sales. They are understood as a powerful set of tools to better inform and engage society about issues pertaining to health, disease and community care. Much of the work that results from this perspective is work of a higher calling, more closely aligned with a community zeitgeist. As a result, we see these big, amazing, socially conscious ideas emerge.
In the U.S. it is quite the opposite, where Health & Wellness initiatives are subverted in service of brands focused on hitting sales targets. The ability to market directly to consumers in the U.S. has created an environment in which truly liberated, big, socially conscious ideas are encumbered by the judgment of how they might immediately and positively impact sales. This is a shortsighted approach that hampers not just creative potential, but society as a whole.

With the influx of wellness campaigns vs adverts for pharmaceuticals, how does Pharma compete with its highly regulated guidelines? 

Guy: The first part of the answer is simple: don’t compete. It is Apples vs Oranges; both need to be judged within their own context. Now that we have individual categories, this should no longer be a problem. If we really look at what has been going on, agencies have understood that traditional “Pharma” work cannot compete, so they’ve invented ways to show off their creativity and stay competitive in the awards shows.
Agencies pursuing Health and Wellness work that do not have clients willing to fund it are left chasing ideas without the means to get them produced. So, the agencies that can afford it have been developing and producing their own ideas.
Since agencies are full of clever people, it’s now become a yearly gambit to see which agency will invent the best problem, association or other idea as a means of producing something that can compete in the Health and Wellness category.
One could argue that the agencies that do this are adding value to the industry because they challenge us to push further and perhaps help advance a more socially conscious perspective. Conversely, we might consider the negative impact of ignoring the other important work that gets done in pursuit of a trophy.   By its sheer creativity, this trend has dwarfed other work constrained by regulations and has created an imbalance in the type of work that gets entered and awarded in the shows. This is why it has become imperative to create separate categories. Let’s keep pushing the work and let’s do it across the board.

What are the challenges and benefits of judging work from around the globe? 

Guy: The benefit of judging different types of work from different parts of the world are many. The process underscores the similarities as well as the differences and offers important opportunities for learning something new, including insight into how we might achieve a healthier balance in awards shows.


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The Global Awards Announces 2017 Award Winners

,New York, NY – November 16, 2017: The Global Awards® announced the 2017 award-winners today at their annual award celebration taking place at the New York Academy of Sciences in lower Manhattan. Guests from around the globe celebrated the award-winners at ceremonies in both New York City at the Academy of Sciences and Sydney, Australia at The Rawson hosted by Bravo!/Global Awards.

FCB Health was center stage this year earning the title of 2017 Global Healthcare Network of the Year. The network was honored with a total of 14 Global Awards and 25 Finalist Awards.

“The FCB Health network is honored to be recognized for its work on a global scale. The Global Awards feature some of the world’s best in healthcare and wellness advertising, so I’m extremely proud to be considered in such a competitive arena. It’s a testament to the commitment we have to delivering only the best creative to our clients,” said Rich Levy, Chief Creative Officer of the FCB Health Network.

Area23, an FCB Health Network Company, was in the spotlight taking home a remarkable 12 Global Awards in total, 7 for Health & Wellness categories and 5 Global Awards for Pharma categories.  

Among the agency’s award-winning entries, Area 23 received 3 Global Awards for their campaign “The Hardest Crossword” (Health & Wellness) for Alzheimer's Foundation of America. The agency partnered with The New York Times crossword editor—Will Shortz to create a crossword entirely based on the story a real individual affected by Alzheimer’s. The unsolvable puzzle featured clues and answers are based on facts and events that can no longer remember, illustrating what it is like to be affected by Alzheimer’s.

Area 23’s winning work in Pharma garnered 3 Global Awards for “The Drama in RA” for RA Disease Education and 2 Globals for “Spotlight” for RA Disease Education, both entries enlighten HCP’s to see the person beyond the joint and rethink their treatment priorities by understanding that the damage of RA goes beyond just structural.

“Wow. Agency of the Year. That’s just incredible. I’ve been participating in The Global Awards since I was a mid-level writer, and Agency of the Year has always seemed a far-off goal. To make it to this level is really a dream come true. It’s been an exceptionally good year. A lot of our best campaigns all happened to hit at the same time, giving us this perfect storm of great work to submit. You see what I did there? Subtly lowering the bar for next year? I’m only half kidding though. We've got a lot of great stuff cooking back at the agency, and we’re praying we can get it all across the finish line for next year. Those pharma gods, they’re a fickle bunch. Thanks again to the Global Awards and thanks to all the amazing teams here at Area 23 who had the genius to come up with this stuff, and the determination to make it all happen,” said Tim Hawkey, EVP, Managing Director, Executive Creative Director at Area23.

McCann Health India earned both the Best of Show and Grand Global for their multi award-winning entry “The Immunity Charm” for Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan. The ingenious campaign provides an immunization history of a child worn by the child. Borrowed from the Afghan tradition of talismanic bracelets worn by infants, the bracelet employs various beads each representing a vaccine and provides a safe-guard against lost records. Dr. Daniel Carucci, DD, MSc and PHD Senior Medical Advisor, McCann Health, one of the co-creators of the idea, accepted the awards on behalf of McCann Health India.

"Every year nearly 20 million children do not receive the vaccines they require to protect them from preventable diseases.  The Immunity Charm™ will help mothers and doctors be sure that every child gets the vaccines they need," said Dr. Daniel Carucci, Senior Medical Advisor, McCann Health and Dr. Harshit Jain, Country Head (INDIA), McCann Health, co-creators of The Immunity Charm™. 

The Executive Jury, split for the first time this year, utilized two specialized juries for the 2017 competition: Pharma (Rx) and Health & Wellness. These equal and separate juries judged submissions from each exclusive designation providing the opportunity to focus on what’s best in each respective category. The 2017 Executive Juries honored 20 Health & Wellness entries and 20 Pharma entries with Global Awards, in addition to 115 Finalist Awards from entries submitted by agencies from 22 countries worldwide.

This year’s Global Awards competition engaged both consumers and healthcare professionals by employing a wide variety of tactics including interactive applications, new technology, ambient advertising, humor, experiential engagement, event marketing, outdoor, viral marketing and social media.

The United States received top honors this year with 19 Global Awards, 9 from Healthcare & Wellness entries and 10 Pharma entries taking home Global Awards.

Winning entries from the US include: FCB Health taking home 2 Global Awards for “Her Endometriosis Reality” (Pharma) for client Endometriosis Disease Awareness.  Weber Shandwick was honored with 2 Global Awards for “The Debate Headache” (Health &Wellness) for their social takeover during the 2016 US Presidential Election debate for client Excedrin. McCann Humancare was in the winner’s circle earning 2 Global Awards for “Psoriasis: The Inside Story (Swimmer)” (Pharma) for client Stelara and a second Global for their “Lighter Blue” (Pharma) for client Takeda/Lundbeck. The “Lighter Blue” campaign humanized and destigmatized depression’s multiple symptoms and sparked over 10+ million interactions on Facebook. Cline Davis and Mann Princeton’s “Little Lungs” (Pharma) for client SYNAGIS for their event marketing campaign featuring the Knit Big for Little Lungs live event that built awareness for RSV in Philadelphia, PA, bringing knitters and the community together and creating knitted items that were donated to NICUs.

Agencies from India were out in front with 6 entries receiving Global Awards including McCann Health India’s Best of Show and Grand Global for “The Immunity Charm” campaign. Medulla Communications was in the spotlight, earning 4 Global Awards, 2 for “Slums (Housing Colonies) for Worms” for client Zentel and 2 for “Last Words” for client Indian Association of Palliative Care for their film advocating Palliative care that revealed that most last words are heard by nurses, and not by family members.

Germany earned 4 Global Awards. Serviceplan Health and Life was honored with 3 Global Awards, 2 for their humorous campaign for “MometaHEXAL - A world without hay fever’ (Pharma) for client MometaHEXAL and a single Global for “The Truth Unveiled” (Health & Wellness) a campaign that created awareness for women who were burned in acid attacks for client IPRAS WomenforWomen. Pink Carrots PINK CARROTS Communications GmbH earned a Global Award for “Game of Pain” (Pharma) for their 3-part direct mail campaign, created for client ORTOTON®, that featured a card game for doctors showcasing typical back pain patients.

United Arab Emirates’ The Classic Partnership Advertising was recognized with 3 Global Awards for their ambient campaign “Footnote for The Breast” (Health & Wellness) for client Medcare Women & Children Hospital. The campaign tackled the taboo of talking about certain health conditions. Pebbles were placed in the shoes of women who went to mosques or prayer halls, upon returning and putting on their shoes, the “lump’s” message urged women to schedule consultation.

Australian agencies were in the winner’s circle and recognized with 3 Global Awards. Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Sydney earned 2 Globals one for “Protected Wallet” (Pharma) their campaign for Promozio, a generic antimalarial that protects travelers from malaria; and a second for their poster “Blown out of Action” (Pharma) explaining the dangers of whooping cough to doctors for client Sanofi Pasteur. greyhealth Australia / Sudler Sydney earned a Global Award for their TVC “Living Nightmare” (Pharma) depicting the debilitating effects of rheumatoid arthritis for client Xeljanz.

Two agencies from the United Kingdom earned Globals:  Publicis Life Brands UK “Keep Life Flowing” (Pharma) for client Duodopa  employed colored inks to created eye-catching visuals and animations that represent the fluidity of movement experienced by advanced PD patients on Duodopa.  McCann Torre Lazur UK earned a Global Award for “Mark’s Story” (Pharma) for client Anoro, the educational piece takes the form of diary entries following a fictional COPD patient from his first cigarette at 14, to being diagnosed with COPD at 56.

NBS / Dentsu Aegis Network’s Global Award- winning “Blind Passion” (Health & Wellness) for client Flamengo connected blind Brazilian fans, who by law are provided free access to the games, with other Flamengo fans via an online platform that is accessible to the blind. Italy and China were each honored with a Global: Sudler & Hennessey Milan’s “The Escape Room” (Pharma) for Copaxone (treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis)/ Field Force Team Building and Internal Awareness. The inspirational training course utilized an escape room concept in a custom-built hotel room and employed digital puzzles from an interactive MOA challenge to a challenge to hack into the doctor’s laptop too increase the reps’ knowledge of the drug. McCann Health China for “Looks Good on Dogs Not Her” (Pharma) for client Restylane’s print campaign that illustrated that wrinkles, facial hollows and flat cheek can be very sexy, pretty and attractive…on our pets.

The 2016 Young Globals Award Columbia College student winners Erica Barringer: Art Direction, Cassie Benedict: Copywriter, and Eric Kahl: Concept / Strategy took to the stage to accept their trophy. The students earned accolades for “Feed Your Future,” their campaign based on a creative brief for a (fictional) leading maker of diabetes medications to raise awareness about the link between unhealthy food choices, childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. The Young Global award winners also received a paid internship with Global Awards agency partner sponsors, greyhealth group and Havas Health & You TBWA\WorldHealth also provided an internship.

An honorary award was presented to outgoing Chairperson of the Global Awards Advisory Board and Executive Jury, Robin Shapiro, Global President of TBWA\WorldHealth commemorating her 5 years of service. Throughout her tenure, Ms. Shapiro was dedicated to ensuring that the competition addressed the needs of the worldwide healthcare & wellness industry. Since her appointment in 2013 Robin has spearheaded many new initiatives for the competition including creating and championing the Young Globals competition while generating prominence for the competition and expanding its reach.

Global Awards Executive Director, Fran Pollaro announced a special on-going partnership between the Global Awards and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a launch of a new tradition of partnering with a cause to go along with the 2017 Young Globals brief which is focused on the opioid epidemic.

To view the complete list of 2017 Global Awards winners please visit:

For 23 years, the international Global Awards has honored the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠ and has served as a touchstone for celebrating creative achievement in healthcare and wellness communications beyond the barriers of language and culture.

For more information, please visit the Global Awards at

All press inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gayle Mandel: Phone 212 643 4800

About the Global Awards World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠

Now in their 23rd year, The Global Awards are dedicated to excellence in healthcare and wellness communications on an international basis. The Global Awards receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, productions companies, and design studios that produce communication for medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare & wellness related products and services. 

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The Global Awards Executive Judgment Day - Review by Elizabeth Elfenbein, Health & Wellness Jury Chairwoman
2017 NEW YORK 00 GLOBALS 027 copy.jpg

The final round of judging for the Global Awards took place in New York City in mid-October, with a host of creative leaders from around the world. This group of executive creative leaders was selected to help elevate creativity while recognizing the very best ideas in the healthcare advertising industry. 

At last year’s Global Awards event, Co-Chair Robin Shapiro spoke about trends in our industry. One trend is that premiere healthcare advertising awards shows have split juries. It was time for the Global Awards to follow suit. The health and wellness jury and pharma (Rx) jury were launched at this year’s judging session, a recognition of the need for work to be critiqued based on the kind of work it is so that it can be evaluated fairly.  

This simple notion changed the dynamic of the day and the caliber of the discussion.  
What unfolded wasn’t all that surprising—the day ran more smoothly and deliberation around each body of work was more effective. It allowed each jury to hyper-focus, within its respective category, on what “great” is. The pharma jurors had a healthy discussion, noting that while there was a decent amount of good work in pharma with 60 shortlists to debate—a vast improvement from previous years—there is still work to be done. We collectively agreed that pharma entries continue to be an opportunity for growth in our industry. With 94 shortlists, the health and wellness jurors had a greater breadth and depth of ideas to discuss and agreed that this continues to be an area where the work gets to great. 

Juries with a hyper-focus produce the best results

In the jury room, we saw that sitting on a specific jury allowed us to hyper-focus and, in turn, identify gaps in each category and have a broader discussion as industry leaders about what we need to do to fill those gaps. After each jury met to review all of their finalists and designate those that were “Global” worthy, the two juries came together as one to discuss which ideas rose to the top. Before the final day of judging, the Global Awards team and the Chairs decided that the power of inclusion in this discussion would ensure that all creative leaders saw all of the top work and had a seat at the table with the ability to communicate their respective points of view about what ideas excelled and why. That way, all of the leaders were equally invested in the outcome and could truly rally behind it. 

Building momentum and camaraderie throughout the day

This resulted in an unusually rich and respectful discussion around what we all believe deserved the “Grand Global” and which idea was the “Best of Show.” In previous years, these days could be a fight for each company and a fight for each creative leader’s ego to stand out and be heard. But on this day, it was different. It wasn’t that any spirits were quieted or that any points of view were squelched. That wasn’t the case at all. It was like we were all on the same team and were committed to recognizing only the best work, whether it was by our company or not. Everyone was a leader. We all collectively wanted to cheer for the work. The camaraderie that developed throughout the day got better and better, capped by a beautiful dinner where a number of us continued the conversation about the “what” and “why.” 

2017 NEW YORK 00 GLOBALS 044 copy.jpg

We ended the day with a passionate debate around two ideas that we felt were “Grand Global Awards” worthy. Both brilliant ideas filled an unmet need and did so with beautiful and flawless execution. The debate involved each of us trying to peel back the onion to reveal why each idea was so brilliant and what insights were mined to help develop the strategy and ultimately the brief to get these powerful ideas to market. We discussed how the art of craft needed to be elevated to truly bring all big ideas to life. We even questioned if there might be a craft category. There was discussion around copy and how our industry has gotten lazy with a one headline approach across multiple visual executions and we agreed that there is an opportunity for more insightful use of language that surprises and delights the customer. Lastly, we talked about the state of the awards show, and the need to hone the two categories and make submitting easier.  2018 promises to be a year of continued growth for the Global Awards

- Elizabeth Elfenbein, Global Awards Chairwoman, Partner & Chief Creative Officer, The Bloc

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