2017 Executive Jury Spotlight Interview: Dick Dunford

The Global Awards Executive Jury of prominent Chief Creative Officers, Managing Partners, EVPs, and Executive Creative Directors are recruited from the world’s foremost healthcare advertising agencies. The Global Awards juries' dedication and high standard of excellence have meant that the ongoing legacy of the Globals is respected around the world, both by the winners themselves and in industry reports measuring the competitive excellence of worldwide advertising and communications competitions.

Who better to judge creative work in Healthcare, Wellness and Pharma(RX)?

This year’s Executive Jury will gather together in New York City to review all entries that achieve finalist status selected by the Global Awards Grand Jury.

Dick Dunford, the Creative Partner for Loooped UK, joins the 2017 Executive Jury Pharma (Rx) and brings a rich and varied perspective on all forms of creativity to the jury room.  He has worked in many facets of the advertising industry, consumer, integrated, digital and health. Dick has won numerous accolades from some of the most respected advertising competitions including BTAA Gold, Cyber Lions, DMA Golds, Creative circle Gold, Global Awards, and a D&AD yellow pencil.

Dick has always admired confident, simple and engaging thinking and hopes to see lots at this year's Global awards. Be bold.

In the interview below, Dick shares his creative insights on how judging influences the creative process, what he’s looking for when determining award-winning creative, what inspires him about the industry and much more.

Does judging the year’s creative work within your industry influence your creative process?

Dick:  Always, it makes me unthink what I’d thought before.

What do you bring back to the agency team following judging?

Dick: Energy, inspiration, enthusiasm & frustration.

Why did you agree to participate on the Global Awards Jury?

Dick: Part vanity, part contribution, part nosey.

When judging, what specifically are you looking for when determining whether a campaign is award-winning?

Dick: Clarity, wit, insight, craft & boldness.

What will be the most prominent changes in healthcare & wellness advertising in the next few years?

Dick: Acts not ads.

What is your favorite healthcare & wellness advertising campaign that you’ve seen this year and why?

Dick: Charm bracelet. In an ever more technology-centric world this simple tangible human solution sets it apart. Pure genius.

What inspires you about the industry and what do you wish you could change?

Dick: There is a constant strive for innovation and creativity of products and their delivery if only this was true of marketing departments.

What philosophy do you live by?

Dick: Be bold.

What creative icon inspires you personally?

Dick: Picasso – after 90+ years of redefining art, he died in bed whilst drawing his next piece.
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