2017 Executive Jury Spotlight: Diego Freitas

The Global Awards Executive Jury of prominent Chief Creative Officers, Managing Partners, EVPs, and Executive Creative Directors are recruited from the world’s foremost healthcare advertising agencies.  Our juries' dedication and high standard of excellence have meant that the ongoing legacy of the Global Awards is respected around the world, both by the winners themselves and in industry reports measuring the competitive excellence of worldwide advertising and communications competitions.

The Global Awards is thrilled to feature 2017 Healthcare & Wellness Executive Jury member, Diego Freitas, Creative Director for Havas Life Sao Paulo in the Executive Jury Spotlight Interview.

Diego began his early career as a handyman in a print shop in Brazil, with his first job came the love of design and craftsmanship. He realized his degree in economics was a mistake and set a new course abroad. After spending time in Madrid, he chose Lisbon as his new home, working at a healthcare agency for 5 years.

He attended Lisbon Ad School and set his course freelancing in London and Lisbon, followed by 2 years in digital and guerrilla agencies. Diego moved back to Brazil to work as Country Manager with his former agency FunnyHow?.  He was nominated as one of the top 3 ADs in Portugal and earned an international award for his work on Guinness.

At Havas Life, SP Diego is devoted to helping to change the healthcare advertising business. His work for prominent brands such as Guinness, Desperados, Nintendo, Teva, Pfizer, and Durex have granted him Gold and Silvers in Cannes, two Golds at Clio Health, One Show, CCP, Art Directors Club of Europe, Epica’s, Effie’s and Luso’s awards. He also was recruited to serve as a jury member in Cannes Lions 2017.

In the interview below Diego shares his thoughts on judging, the challenges of working in the industry, his thoughts on who’s doing break-through work in the Health & Wellness space and much more.

What are the challenges and benefits of judging work from around the globe?

Diego: At some point in our lives we probably wanted to be a tiny fly on the wall. Judging for a global award is just like that, you get the chance to experience, learn and share your beliefs in a room full of amazing people, looking at the very best of our industry. It's a privilege that pushes us to be better every day and therefore pushing our clients and brands forward.

What are the challenges of working with your region’s healthcare and Pharma (Rx) advertising?

Diego: Our creative process is fundamentally connected with our cultural and social background, meaning each country has its own regulations which create different problems to be solved. In a country so vast and wild such as Brazil you have global brands everywhere, 200 million people and a vibrant market to explore so you have to be relevant and think beyond borders.

Who in your opinion is doing breakthrough work in the pharma space and what makes it so compelling?

Diego: I cannot praise the brilliant work the folks from Area23 has done enough. They gathered an amazing hard-working team and put them together in an environment full of challenges. This paid off with several awards this year and an inspirational philosophy. At the same time, I think we're all living through a creative movement that began a few years ago. It's certainly a great time to be in healthcare advertising.

Is there confusion in labeling creative “Healthcare & Wellness” vs “Pharma”?

Diego: There is a lot of confusion and for good reason. Both categories are actually different industries and not just a media format such as Mobile or Outdoor. It means that we can find posters, mobile apps, radio spots, VR experiences and amazing promotional work in one category, which is kind of unique. This statement is not just a reality when judging but also within our daily work. We have to do it all and do it right. I'm expecting to see health agencies growing strong and reaching more of and more the "health and wellness" industry.

What is your favorite Healthcare & Wellness advertising campaign that you’ve seen this year and why?

Diego: Things are so brilliant that is hard to put a finger on a single campaign. I really love to see the change in the tone and attitude of the health campaigns and for that, I choose "SickKids" (video below) and "The World's Biggest Asshole" (video below) as two of my favorite pieces this year.
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