Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective: Elizabeth Elfenbein


The Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective features insights from some of the most award-winning creative leaders in healthcare and wellness advertising. These innovative thought-leaders meet annually in New York City to review entries from around the world select the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising.

The Global Awards spent 5 minutes with Elizabeth Elfenbein, Creative Partner, The Bloc, USA. Elizabeth is a leader and restless creative disrupter at The Bloc, driving innovation by recognizing and fulfilling unmet needs — for her agency, her clients, and the industry at large. A sought after juror for all the major award shows, Elizabeth has been breaking the boundaries of traditional health-and-wellness advertising for many years creating unforgettable, industry-first experiments and experiences that are highly engaging and deliver impressive results with all stakeholders.

In the interview below, Elizabeth shares her views on the evolving healthcare and wellness landscape. Keep reading to find out her insights on judging, emerging trends, and the next challenge for healthcare communicators.

Global Awards: What elements make up a great award-winning campaign?

Elizabeth Elfenbein: Award-winning ideas surprise and delight their audience. They’re insight-rich, they strike an emotional chord, and they’re visceral. And a lot of these ideas are activated via experiential events or through public relations.

Global Awards: What are your top criteria when judging to determine whether a campaign is successful and award-winning?

Elizabeth Elfenbein: First and foremost, is it a big idea that will drive or influence change? Secondly, is the caliber of the execution equal to the magnitude of the idea and beautiful in how it manifests from a design perspective, and does the copy speak authentically to its customer?

Global Awards: What trends are influencing the way healthcare communicators reach their audience?

Elizabeth Elfenbein: Technology continues to evolve and bring new kinds of experiences to its customers. We will always have ideas that inspire action, but it’s the way we execute them now that’s different. Augmented reality and virtual reality are allowing people to walk in patients’ shoes and experience their plight, literally. And health tech is evolving to be more human.

Global Awards: What is the next challenge for global healthcare agencies? Elizabeth Elfenbein: To recognize that technology and healthcare are at an intersection. Health tech is here to stay and will be the future of our business. And what this means is that agencies need to have health tech as a core competency or, at a minimum, find the right partner to acquire it.

Global Awards: What fuels your passion for the healthcare and wellness advertising industry?

Elizabeth Elfenbein: Having worked across sectors my whole career, the one thing that I can say about healthcare advertising is that I can make a difference in people’s lives. And it’s real. When I worked on Citibank, I could create un-bank-like experiences that would maybe make people laugh while they were waiting in line to bank. But in healthcare, we get to create ideas that build communities and drive action that ultimately has the opportunity to influence health at large.

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