Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective: Guy Mastrion

The Global Awards Executive Jury is comprised of the healthcare and wellness industry’s most innovative award-winning thought leaders in the business. The Global Awards Grand and Executive Juries spend hours reviewing healthcare and wellness campaigns to select the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠. Their dedication, vision and commitment to the future of healthcare and wellness communications, ensures that every entry is judged with global knowledge and perspective from the industry.

Guy Mastrion is founder and Chief Creative Officer of Brandforming™, a multidisciplinary, strategically driven, creative organization with expertise in design, campaign and digital development dedicated to the creation and transformation of brands for a connected world. His expertise in strategic creative development ranges from consumer awareness advertising in broadcast media, to print, multi¬screen digital engagements and documentary film. Throughout his career, his work has spanned local, national, and international markets and has garnered hundreds of awards for creativity the industry’s top award shows.

The Global Awards spent a few minutes with Guy and asked him to weigh in on judging with his colleagues, trends influencing healthcare creative today, and what fuels his passion for the industry.

Global Awards: In your opinion, does judging with your colleagues and the conversations that take place in the rooms influence your approach to the creative process?

Guy Mastrion: I'm not conscious of the influence judging might have on my approach to the creative process itself but it has a big impact on what I consider to be really strong work. Having the opportunity to consider so much work and to be forced to really make very exacting comparisons really hones the senses. Winning the Olympics is all about absolutely flawless execution and it is the same at the Global Awards. It takes really excellent work and very well-trained and critical judges to debate the perfection of an idea, or an execution that is world class. The intelligence and humility of the Executive Jury in their assessment of the work is a constant inspiration.

Global Awards: What trends are influencing the way healthcare communicators reach their audience?

Guy Mastrion: There are some really powerful trends at work that are motivating real change. As medicine continues to advance, we have therapies at work today that have made mole hills out of mountains. So we see a really wonderful trend to create solutions for previously overlooked conditions. It is a mistake to simply chalk this up to businesses trying to grow their base, we're also witnessing true medical, scientific and technological advancement that makes treating hard to crack conditions much more achievable. In a wonderful parallel to this is the advancement of wearable technologies that will help us move in more meaningful ways to behavior modification which has the potential to massively improve patient outcomes and at the same time, advance global consciousness in living healthier lives.

Global Awards: What fuels your passion for the healthcare and wellness advertising industry?

Guy MastrionL It never ceases to amaze me, despite the thousands and thousands of campaigns created each year featuring images of people, that there is always a new perspective on our collective humanity. Rich or poor, young or old, regardless of where we live and how we live or the color of our skin, when our health is bad we all become equals. The drug that goes in your arm or down with a glass of water does not know who you are. These treatments do not care about your beliefs, the type of car you drive or square footage of your apartment. It would be wonderful if all the work we do as creative professionals could be expressed with greater truthfulness and dispassion about lifestyles and more compassion for our collective humanity. These are the opportunities that keep me motivated, to touch someone with honesty and respect for the moment they are in and to give them hope, not through some sugary confection of an idea but through a truthful reflection on the challenges they face and the potential for them to achieve more with the help of better healthcare.

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