Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective: Robin Shapiro

The Global Awards Executive Jury spend hours reviewing healthcare and wellness campaigns to select the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠. Their dedication, vision, and commitment to the future of healthcare and wellness communications ensure that every entry is judged with global knowledge and perspective from the industry.

Robin Shapiro is the Global Awards Chairperson and Group President, North American for TBWAWorldHealth, US. Her strategic leadership is credited with unparalleled results for breakthrough brands like Sovaldi and Harvoni, and her expertise at launch through life cycle has driven successful brands such as ABILIFY. As Global Award Chairperson, Robin created the Young Globals, a student competition designed to introduce young people to a career in healthcare advertising. She continues to be the inspiring driving force of this initiative to nurture the next generation of young creatives.

The Global Awards spent 5 minutes with Robin Shapiro to discuss the evolving healthcare and wellness industry. In the interview below, she shares perspective on participating as a juror, the elements that make up an award-winning campaign, and the next challenge for global healthcare agencies.

Global Awards: Why did you decide to participate on the 2016 Global Awards Executive Jury?

Robin Shapiro: Being on the Executive Jury is a supreme honor. The Global Awards brings together the best creative minds with the best creative work from around the world. It’s a pleasure collaborating with jury members from all over the world to set the bar for creative excellence industry wide.

Global Awards: What elements make up a great award-winning campaign?

Robin Shapiro: Global award winning ideas are anything but expected. They are bold ideas, often challenging current category norms and conventions. There is often a compelling story, a beautiful technique or a startling surprise, something that captures us and takes us on a journey.

Global Awards: What is the next challenge for global healthcare agencies?

Robin Shapiro: The next challenge is creating culturally relevant healthcare brands. The strongest brands don’t just talk. They listen. They relate. They respond in the moment.This is much easier to do in an un-branded environment but we can’t stop there. Our challenge, as agencies, is to find approaches that allow healthcare brands to join and contribute to the conversation.

Global Awards: What fuels your passion for the healthcare and wellness advertising industry?

Robin Shapiro: We’re witnessing an amazing transformation in healthcare and that’s very inspiring to me. We are living in the age of the cure. Diseases like HIV are no longer a death sentence. Oncology is becoming a chronic disease. There is a cure for hepatitis C. Biomarkers are making it possible to predict and even prevent illness before a single symptom is felt. We are a part of this momentous change and that feels incredible.

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