Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective: Scott Carlton

Scott Carlton, 2016 Executive Jury member and VP, Associate Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness integrates consumer insights, writing, imagery, design, storytelling, content creation and curation within non-traditional and traditional channels. With over 25 years experience, Scott has worked with some of most respected agencies in the industry and has created award-winning campaigns for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

Scot joined the 2016 Executive Jury in New York on October 18th to review entries from around the world. It takes experience, brilliant creative chops, and dedication to select the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising. These award-winning Executive Jury members are from the world’s most prominent agencies, their careful evaluation ensure that each entry is judged with global knowledge and perspective from the industry.

In the interview below, the Global Awards spent 5 minutes with Scott Carlton discussing the dynamic healthcare and wellness industry. Keep reading to learn about Scott's perspective on judging, the elements that make up an award-winning campaign, the trends influencing healthcare communicators and what fuels his passion.

Global Awards: Why did you decide to participate on the 2016 Global Awards Executive Jury?

Scott Carlton: It’s all about inspiration. You want to see what the world is doing to help raise the bar on upcoming creative efforts.

Global Awards In your opinion, does judging with your colleagues and the conversations that take place in the rooms influence your approach to the creative process?

Scott Carlton: I love that part. Sharing what are your favorites. Talking about what will inspire others. Tossing around how to best represent our industry. It’s so valuable to interact as a group.

Global Awards: What elements make up a great award-winning campaign?

Scott Carlson: For me, it’s the idea of taking a fresh look at something. Combining two disparate elements to create something fresh and original.

Global Awards: What are your top criteria when judging to determine whether a campaign is successful and award-winning?

Scott Carlton: First, the emotional gut response to a project is important. In other words, how does it make me feel? Do I love it? Do I wish I had thought of it? Then, I ask myself does it is communicate what the product or service does. And does the idea promote an appropriate meaningful action.

Global Awards: What trends are influencing the way healthcare communicators reach their audience?

Scott Carlton: Technology, high and low. Something as amazing as data-collection or as simple as a piece of chalk. It’s the world in which we live in now.

Global Awards: What is the next challenge for global healthcare agencies?

Scott Carlton: I think to move beyond cause-related communications and create amazing work for real products and actual pharmaceutical solutions.

Global Awards: What fuels your passion for the healthcare and wellness advertising industry?

Scott Carlton: The thought that we’re actually helping people. That our work contributes to the betterment of the world and its inhabitants.

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