Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective: Tim Hawkey

The Global Awards Executive Jury Perspective features insights from some of the most award-winning creative leaders in healthcare and wellness advertising. These innovative thought-leaders meet annually in New York City to review entries from around the world select the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising.

The Global Awards spent 5 minutes with Tim Hawkey, Managing Director& Executive Creative Director for Area 23. Tim cut his teeth building healthcare megabrands at Grey Healthcare Group and Havas Life. For the past 13 years, he’s made FCB Health his home, the last five of which he has spent leading sister agency Area 23 and establishing it as a creative force in the industry. Under Tim’s leadership, Area 23 was named Med Ad News Most Creative Agency for the past two years.

In the interview below, Tim shares his views on the ever-changing world of healthcare and wellness communications including what makes a great award-winning campaign, the next challenge for healthcare agencies, and what fuels his creative passion.

Global Awards: What elements make up a great award-winning campaign?

Tim Hawkey: I look for ideas that either surprise me, hit me in the gut emotionally, or in rare cases do both (like the Sativex work from Langland a couple years ago). And then I look for execution. If it's not done stunningly well, then it doesn't win.

Global Awards: What is the next challenge for global healthcare agencies?

Tim Hawkey: I think the next challenge for global healthcare agencies is to not lose momentum. There's been a decent spike in the creative quality in the last couple of years, driven by the upsurgence of international award shows. But we are our own worst enemy in this sector. Complacency is always right around the corner and the easy way out is always a tempting option. So we all have to commit to elevating the quality of the work, even if it means more sweat and tears and longer days and nights.

Global Awards: What fuels your passion for the healthcare and wellness advertising industry?

Tim Hawkey: I know the right answer here is that I'm driven by the power to connect people with life saving medicines... and while that's partially true, I think my passion at this time is really driven by the creative opportunity. Health and Wellness has so much creative potential, particularly because we're dealing with matters that are so powerfully important and personal. So what I'm most excited about is the work we have yet to see. I think the next few years are going to be pretty exciting.

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