Inside the Jury Room with Toby Pickford

Toby Pickford began his career 24 years ago as a designer creating logos and brochures on his drawing board. Today, Toby is Creative Director for Ogilvy CommonHealth Australia and has worked in both Rx and OTC, in brand design, medical education and healthcare advertising. Whether it’s digital or traditional, Toby believes in pervasive creativity to help drive solutions to business problems – and he does this all without being the archetypal creative director.

Toby took on the task of hosting the September 22nd Global Awards Live Session at Ogilvy CommonHealth Australia. As host, he strategically assembled a jury of innovative award-winning creatives to ensure that each entry was judged with global knowledge and perspective from the industry in order to determine the 2016 Global Awards Shortlist. The Global Awards Grand and Executive Juries spend hours reviewing Healthcare and Wellness campaigns to select the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠.

In the interview below Toby shares his views on the Global Awards, what makes a campaign award-worthy, and his insights into what’s biggest challenge to working in the healthcare and wellness industry.

Global Awards: Why did you decide to host this year’s Global Awards Live Session?

Toby Pickford: I believe it shows a company’s commitment to creativity and the creative community. Also, you should always stick your hand up to help.

Global Awards: What is your top criteria for determining a successful campaign worthy of a Global Award?

Toby Pickford: Something that makes me cry, laugh or feel very jealous. But above all, something that makes me think differently and would make a difference.

Global Awards: What is your opinion of the Global Awards?

Toby Pickford: The Global Awards is an important healthcare awards show and comes with a lot of prestige. It’s the only major international health show to have a local awards night in Australia and that makes it special. Everyone from client to account service can experience the best in healthcare advertising and be inspired.

Global Awards: Is it difficult to judge work from other countries around the globe? What are the challenges and benefits?

Toby Pickford: I guess you always have to consider the nuances – ways of saying things or visuals that might work in different cultures don’t work here. They may appear to be a little strange at first and sometimes that’s the thing that tips you over. It’s the new thing you learn just like one of those 'magic eye' pictures you suddenly get it. So you need to have a ‘Global Mind’ when it comes to judging – but you do know when something is crap, no matter what language its written in.

Global Awards: What’s the biggest challenge to working in healthcare and wellness advertising? What’s on the horizon for healthcare communications?

Toby Pickford: Not letting tech get ahead of us and lose sight of the power of an idea. Humans today want to be part of something that’s making a difference and health is the shinning light. Mainstream companies and agencies see this and are taking it by the horns and creating some stunning work. We as creative healthcare specialists need to help our clients be braver and look at their brands differently – a fundamental shift in how they market, educate and support will need to happen for us to create exciting communications in the future.

The Global Awards thanks Toby Pickford and the dedicated jury members who participated at this year's Live Session at Ogilvy CommonHealth, Australia:

June Laffey - McCann Health

Michael Zivkovic – Ogilvy CommonHealth

Shannon Sutherland – DDB remedy

Hugh Fitzhardinge – Ward6

Ben Webster– GHG

Cherie Davies – GHG

Darren Seddon –Orchard

Kate Chisnall – McCann Health

Jason Kilgour – H&T

Matt Gill – H&T

Tim Condrick – Insight

Nicki Mortimer – Insight

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