Spotlight on Area23 and the 2016 Creative Globalization Mural

Area23’s multi-talented team spearheaded the creation of the third annual Global Awards graphic mural symbolizing Creative Globalization within the healthcare and wellness creative community. This year’s theme, celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the Global Awards, was titled “The Gargantuan Galaxies” and was conceptualized by Area23’s Group Art Supervisor, Kenny Jenkins. The creative mural debuted on November 17th, at the 2016 Global Awards celebration in New York City and commemorated the Global Awards ongoing commitment to the World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠.

In the interview below, the creative team from Area23 shared their thoughts on the third annual Creative Globalization mural including what they hoped to accomplish with its creation, how Area23 conceptualized 2016 mural's theme, the driving force behind creating a branded collateral piece as a take away, and more.

Global Awards: Why did Area23 agree to create the third annual Creative Globalization mural for the 2016 Global Awards celebration?

Area23: We saw the murals that were created from previous years and didn’t want to miss the chance to conjure up something fun and unexpected for this year’s rendition.

Global Awards: What was the creative vision for the mural and what did you hope to accomplish?

Area23: We’re seeing great work being produced from all corners of the globe and wanted to pay homage to a number of last year’s Global Award winners in what we dubbed The Gargantuan Galaxies of the Global Awards. We brought the core ideas to life and envisioned them co-existing in one fantastical scene. Then we added a heavy helping of imagination, a dollop of elbow grease, and a dash of whimsy so that viewers are pushed to take a closer look—not just at our interpretations in the mural, but back to the original ideas we referenced—and draw inspiration to create the next wave of award-winning work.

Global Awards: Can you tell me more about the team involved in concept, design and set-up and how they worked together? Any challenges?

Area23: A good amount of time was spent up front, researching each of the winning entries from last year and planning for all the components to merge into one enormous collage. In all, you’re looking at over 100 hours spent producing a mural on what’s meant to be someone’s “downtime.” Not an easy task, especially when juggling a number of other projects. We initially started with a number of teams throwing around ideas but ultimately narrowed it down to a concept that originated and was executed by one of our multi-talented Creatives, Kenny Jenkins. He created illustrations for the entire mural and tirelessly shepherded the project to completion. We’re super proud of Kenny and the results of his hard work.

Global Awards: The mural was unveiled at the 2016 Global Awards celebration on November 17th, what response did it elicit from the award-winners and attendees?

Area23: Didn’t get a chance to poll every attendee but we did spot a good number of smiles. For us, that’s as rewarding as winning a Global.

Global Awards: The team created a handout of the 2016 Global Awards mural to share with attendees, what was the driving force behind creating that branded collateral piece and how was it received?

Area23: It goes back to acknowledging great work. From experience, we know that there are countless people—agencies and clients alike—working around the clock to come up with the next great idea. To bring solutions to an under-served population or disease. To make a difference in patients’ lives. To inspire and be inspired.

At the very least, we wanted to provide a key to the mural to help identify the talented and lucky few who hit the mark.

Global Awards: Any advice for next year’s Creative Globalization mural team?

Area23: Pack a toothbrush and a change of underwear.

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