2017 Executive Jury Spotlight: Tina Fascetti


The Global Awards Executive Jury is comprised of prominent Chief Creative Officers, Managing Partners, EVPs, and Executive Creative Directors from the world’s foremost healthcare advertising agencies. The 2017 Executive Jury will be judging entries that have been promoted to Finalist Status as selected by the Global Awards Grand Jury. The Global Awards Juries' dedication and high standard of excellence speaks to the ongoing legacy of the Globals, ensuring that it's respected around the world, both by the winners themselves and in industry reports measuring the competitive excellence of worldwide advertising and communications competitions.

Tina Fascetti, Chief Creative Officer of Guidemark Health™ has signed on to participate on the 2017 Global Awards Pharma (RX) Executive Jury. Tina brings her creative visionary talents and reputation as an industry thought-leader to the judges table. Her award-winning track record of successful product launches in the pharmaceutical, health and wellness and consumer space provides each entry receiving finalist status in the competition receives the ultimate in consideration.  

This week the Global Awards spent a few minutes with Tina.  In the interview below, Tina shares insights about judging creative work, what she brings back to the agency team following judging, and the benefits to judging work from around the globe.

Does judging the year’s creative work within your industry influence your creative process? 

Tina: Judging does not influence the process as much as it influences the inspiration. Seeing the work and discussing it amongst my peers inspires me to see things through a different lens and opens me up to new ways to approach and solve creative expressions.

What do you bring back to the agency team following judging?

Tina: I always share the work with my creative team as well colleagues across the agency to inspire them to see beyond the expected creative deliverable. The inspiration needs to extend beyond the creative team because the account team, engagement leaders, and strategists also need to champion ideas that deliver beyond what the clients are expecting.

This is the first year that Globals has evened out the playing field in terms of judging Healthcare & Wellness and Pharma (Rx) by their own set of rules. We’ve noticed that the line can be a bit blurry when it comes to deciding what comprises a H&W and Pharma (Rx) entry.  How would you characterize a Pharma (Rx) entry?

Tina: From my perspective, A pharma entry is FDA regulated and includes fair balance which results in at least some degree of creative limitations depending on the brand. Health and Wellness is unregulated.

Why did you agree to participate on the Global Awards Jury?

Tina: It is an honor to judge the Globals. I also think Robin Shapiro is doing a great job ensuring that the judging is fair. She is opens up the dialog amongst the judges to engage in healthy debates about the entries. Robin is committed to always improving and welcomes input which makes the Globals’ highly rewarding to judge.

When judging, what specifically are you looking for when determining whether a campaign is award-winning?

Tina: I judge the work on S.C.O.R.E: Does it Stop your audience and command their attention? Is it Credible to the audience? Is it Ownable? Does it compel the audience to Respond? And does inspire the audience to continually Engage? If the work delivers on S.C.O.R.E., there is a good chance it will get high points from me.

What are the challenges and benefits to judging work from around the globe?

Tina:  By far the biggest challenge is judging the work from an apples-to-apples standpoint. At times, there is unregulated work in the same category as regulated and ideas that are so different from each other. As a result, you need to try to judge the entries fairly through different lenses in the same category. The benefits are definitely the delight in seeing such a great breadth of great ideas and the many creative problem-solving approaches creative teams take across all cultures yet still manage to engage and move those of us on the jury from an emotional standpoint.  Great work truly delivers on speaking with one voice around the globe.
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