2018 Grand Jury Spotlight: Emad Khayyat

Emad Khayyat.jpg

Emad Khayyat

Creative  Director
Y&R Advertising



2018 Grand Jury member Emad Khayyat is Creative Director for Y&R Advertising in Jordan. He brings more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry to the judge’s panel. Throughout his career, he’s worked with the some of the most influential global brands. Emad’s thirst for fresh ideas resulted in Jordan being recognized for the very first time at Cannes Lions in 2016. His numerous accolades include Dubai Lynx, New York Festivals, Global Awards, Ad Stars Asia, Lürzer's Archive, and ACT Responsible Cannes tribute. 

The motto for the 2018 Global Awards is FEEL Creative.  It’s about knowing your audience and empathizing to deliver top-notch communications to not only represent your client fully but make people happier and healthier. Tell us a bit about your process – do ideas just come to you, or is it a collective brainstorm with your team?  How do you FEEL Creative?

Ideas are everywhere, but to bring a good one to life requires a lot digging and cleansing. After that, it needs to be rated depending on how insightful, relevant, simple and of course original the idea is. I prefer to start solo, or with a very small team of 3 people and collaborate with the Art and Copywriting department together. 

What’s your biggest challenge in working in healthcare and wellness/pharma and what do you do to overcome that challenge, both personally and as a team?

Dealing with taboos, especially in the Middle East, is part of a huge barrier for many people, especially the ones suffering from health issues. However, this gives a chance for advertising to play a major role in breaking taboos and get the message across. 

If you could work pro bono for a brand, foundation, or organization in your field who would it be and why?

I think every brand should be considered as a good brand from within, as it doesn’t require a label to be considered a good brand. There are many issues in our world nowadays that every single person should consider.

Does working at times on such emotionally-charged and taxing projects that deal with life/wellness as well as illness/death issues ever bring up strong emotions for you as a creative?  How do you remain present while still accomplishing the goals of the brand and pushing for good patient outcomes?

It definitely does; we get emotionally involved, and we open our eyes to things we never imagined to be real. Heart-breaking stories also provide further motivation to do creative work that carries a purpose, also charges our energy to do better work for good causes in general.