Global Grand Jury Spotlight - Yusuke Shimada

Yusuke Shimada is the Creative Director for Reno Medical from FCB Healthcare Group, Tokyo, Japan.

Global Awards | October 08, 2019

Each year, the Global Awards recruits some of the world’s most prominent award-winning industry creatives and thought leaders to serve on the Global Awards Grand Jury. Yusuke believes creativity has great power. This is especially important in the healthcare field, because the patient always needs help. It is his work to provide them with the right message and influence social awareness. He is the Creative Director for Reno Medical from FCB Healthcare Group, Tokyo, Japan. Yusuke has over 15 years experience in Healthcare Communications and has worked for global healthcare companies such as AstraZeneca, AbbVie, Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, and more. In his career, Yusuke has received many global and regional awards including Global Awards, Spikes Asia and Nikkei Awards.

Global Awards: How has big data and AI helped advertisers hit the target for brands?

Yusuke Shimada: It is common sense to get information on digital media. But digital media is unlimited and uncontrolled. We must structure a mechanism that can access the best information they need from a flood of information. To solve the problem, several brands are beginning to use AI.

Global Awards: As you make your way through life, you encounter inevitable health issues with friends and family. Are there any diseases, issues, conditions that you have a yearning to work on? Why?

Yusuke Shimada: We have believed that a long life is happy. But when we did it, we can't find an answer if it's full of happiness. We are facing a difficult problem now. I believe we can do more.

Global Awards: How about Pharma – has the landscape of Pharma advertising changed in the last few years and where do you see it going moving forward?

Yusuke Shimada: Pharma advertising is shifting from primary to specialty due to the structural changes in pharmaceutical companies in the last few years. In the future, we will move to more targeted advertising.

Global Awards: This is more of awards and advertising question. There seems to be varying opinions about the nature of the content awarded top honors at Healthcare Awards show 5-10 years ago, and what tends to win in today’s competitions. There are some people that believe the bar is being raised, and there are some in the industry that believe the everyday work is getting outshined by causes. What are your thoughts?

Yusuke Shimada: We have trended globalization over the last few years. The healthcare business is still in globalization. However, I feel that advertising expressions rooted in local culture are being reviewed. Moreover, those creatives can be fully understood from a global perspective.