We’re always listening and open to change, and we’re here to let you know we’ve heard you… 

As a result and in order to cover the world of Healthcare Advertising in its entirety and with complete fairness, we at the Global Awards have decided to evaluate entries on two separate playing fields:  Pharma(RX) with Pharma (RX) entries and Health & Wellness with Health & Wellness entries.  

We acknowledge and understand these two creative worlds are both striving for the highest level of creativity and innovation, but we also know that each are playing by a very different set of rules.  To fully appreciate and celebrate the differences in Pharma (RX) and Health & Wellness, we have created two specialized executive juries judging submissions from each exclusive designation.

A Global Award has always been a tough honor to bring home, and will continue to be highly competitive, but we think chances have now improved for many.  To make sure everyone who wanted to submit can do so, we’ve extended the competition to August 15th.  We’d love to see your best, and wish you the best of luck.