The Global Awards®



1. By consolidating your best work from this year and next, The Global Awards® competition widens the field to include the industry’s response to the profession’s greatest challenge.  Earning the highest praise from a jury of worldwide peers that is year-after-year, the best jury in the business is an accolade well worth the wait.

The Global Awards® competition for Health & Wellness and Pharma competition emphasizes that creativity and inclusion drive innovation.  With more creative eyes seeing the work and bringing diverse points-of-view to the judging, we effectively raise the bar in advertising and communications worldwide.  Last year, our Executive and Grand Juries were recruited from over 20 countries on six continents.  The collaborative Live Grand Jury days included prominent creatives selected from multiple agencies and were hosted in Australia, Brasil, Dubai, Germany, India, London, Mexico.  50% of the Executive Jury were women, which is noteworthy considering the Three Percent Conference cites only 11% of creative directors worldwide are women.

2. The Global Awards® competition is the proven leader of healthy competition aimed at raising the creative bar of advertising and communications on a global scale. 

We are dedicated to excellence in healthcare & wellness and Pharma advertising and communications on an international basis. Honoring the World's Best Health & Wellness and Pharma Advertising from all over the world, the competition extends over regional, national and continental boundaries to provide a comprehensive 360° world view of advertising and corporate communications in the international health & wellness and pharma community. The Global Awards® competition receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, production companies, design studios, etc. that produce communications for healthcare & wellness, pharmaceutical, and medical entities and causes.

3. Your advertising and communications have the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. Navigating illness and death are universal truths, and living well is the ultimate goal, so the health & wellness industry has an incredible purpose.  Our agenda is simple – to celebrate your achievements.