Wake Up and Feel Creative

By Elizabeth Elfenbein, Chairwoman, The Global Awards

Every day I wake up and think, “What can I do to help make people’s lives better?” I’ve found that this is an essential part of my daily routine. Starting each day thinking about and contemplating people’s unmet health needs triggers my imagination, and I become impassioned about creating real-world solutions. Then it becomes my life mission, to fulfill on this. It’s what inspires me and keeps me thinking forward. 

Feeling creative

As we think about the creative mind’s daily existence, we have to fuel our imagination, and in today’s world, create ideas that actually touch people in authentic ways—ideas that activate a change in behavior and hopefully create a larger conversation. If you think about how to “activate change” and try to define it, isn’t our goal to have our desired audience feel something strongly enough to take an action because of these feelings?

Feeling by design

As I wrote in my article “Empathy by Design,” I encourage every creative to walk in the shoes and experience the daily challenge of the customer that you’re creating for. Once you feel the challenge and also understand how others may feel it, you can create experiences that have emotional resonance and that fill the unmet needs of your customer. Ideas that are empathic will have a greater ability to change behavior because they not only connect people to brands, but also help our customers feel it, whether subliminally or overtly.

Feel health

The thing about health is that no matter the customer, one feels health in some capacity. This alone makes the notion of empathy or “feeling it” a pretty obvious one. When you feel health, both positively and negatively, it activates the imagination while you’re in the process of feeling.

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Kirill Shevykov, a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and Art Director lent his talents to bring "FEEL CREATIVE" to life for our entrants and social followers during the 2018 Global Awards entry period. Click here to view his work.