The competition is currently open. Entry deadline is through March 25, 2019.

The Global Awards invites all aspirational college, university, and portfolio students to enter the Young Globals Student Competition & Internship and build a career in our industry to help agencies continue to transform healthcare & wellness advertising. Winners of the competition receive a paid internship at top Health & Wellness Advertising agencies in the world, as well as a coveted Global Award.  It’s truly a win/win for both students and agencies. Winners also have the opportunity to showcase their winning work on The Global Awards website and are invited as honored guests to the annual Global Awards Ceremony, which takes place in New York City and Sydney, Australia in November.

The Young Globals Student Competition & Internship is an incredible chance for students to compete against other students by taking on a real world challenge brief crafted by sponsoring ad agencies in the Healthcare & Wellness Advertising and Communications industry.  This year's sponsors are Abelson Taylor and The Bloc.  To the winners go the spoils - again, the prize is a paid summer internship at one of the sponsoring agencies, and a Global Award. 

 This year's CHALLENGE BRIEF has been crafted by our sponsors and is located below: Digital Society: The cognitive, developmental, emotional cost of too much screen time. Due to the nature of this year’s subject matter, we’ve decided to team up with Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood for their annual Screen Free Week.

Be sure to read RULES & IMPORTANT INFO - it has plenty of guidance regarding the challenge as well as the competition’s request to submit a short video explaining what made you want to take on the challenge.



2018 Winner








2018 Winner - Nam Do “Opioid Gang” - Lycoming College, Pennsylvania 



Almost a year after I won the 2018 Young Globals Award, I still cannot help feeling amazed by how drastically it has changed my life. Without the opportunities it gave me, I doubt it would be possible to even consider a career in advertising.

Lycoming College, where I went to, is likely known by only a handful of advertising professionals. The college is not a portfolio school, nor has it ever had an advertising program. To the 22-year-old me who had just recently found my love for advertising, climbing the wall that bars “untrained outsiders” from this industry was a daunting task. “How do I make an advertising portfolio? Where can I find a copywriter? What is a deck?” I had so many questions that would probably be scoffed at in an ad school. Little did I know I would soon find answers to all those questions and many more about the advertising world.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been offered a summer internship by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness NYC, a leading healthcare ad agency and co-sponsor of the 2018 Young Globals competition. As I expected from my first advertising internship, there was a lot of coffee involved. No, I didn’t have to get coffee for anyone. The coffee was for me, so that I could absorb the enormous amount of knowledge and experience I gained each day, as well as squeeze my brain for every drop of creative juices I had.

I was blessed with the chance to work with a veteran creative director who was not only a resourceful supervisor, but also an inspiring example and a caring mentor. In the brief period of 10 weeks, he helped give me a multifaceted experience of the agency life, getting me involved with various projects at different stages. I found myself in client meetings, briefing sessions, brainstorms, audio recordings and so many other scenarios that I had only ever seen in Mad Men. I got to improve my design skills in preparing presentation decks and storyboards, as well as attempt writing scripts for a TVC.  

In addition to the daily agency jobs, I was also working with fellow interns on an ad campaign for the National Alliance on Mental Illness as part of the Publicis Health internship. I volunteered to work on yet another campaign for True Colors United, a non-profit supporting homeless LGBTQ+ youths. Both projects were challenging and energy-consuming, but the meaning in our project kept me going and excited every day.

Those 10 weeks were probably the busiest, craziest but also most exciting 10 weeks of my life, through which I had gained invaluable experience, met and worked together with amazing and talented individuals, and made work that I could be proud of. Moreover, I had confirmed that advertising was that path I wanted to follow. I started very late in the game, granted, but my first steps were as firm as they could have been, and I am now charging full-speed ahead.  - NAM

2018 Finalists

Team “Let’s End the Opioid Trend”  - Columbia College Chicago

USA (team of 3)

  • Kyle Albaugh, Copywriter

  • Anielle Debenny, Art Director

  • Rachael Kim, Strategist


Team “Lethal Madness”  - Columbia College Chicago

USA (Team of 3)

  • Michelle Miles

  • Kathleen Mentzer

  • Christian Blakley

Team “#usealternatives”  - SupdePub School of Communication

FRANCE (team of 2)

  • Aymeric Chevalier

  • Dimitri Szymansk


Team “Opioid Gang”  - Lycoming College, Pennsylvania

USA (team of 1)

  • Nam Do