Team “Let’s End the Opioid Trend”  - Columbia College Chicago

USA (team of 3)

  • Kyle Albaugh, Copywriter

  • Anielle Debenny, Art Director

  • Rachael Kim, Strategist


Team “Lethal Madness”  - Columbia College Chicago

USA (Team of 3)

  • Michelle Miles

  • Kathleen Mentzer

  • Christian Blakley


Team “#usealternatives”  - SupdePub School of Communication

FRANCE (team of 2)

  • Aymeric Chevalier

  • Dimitri Szymansk


Team “Opioid Gang”  - Lycoming College, Pennsylvania

USA (team of 1)

  • Nam Do


the 4th annual YOUNG GLOBALS STUDENT COMPETITION & INTERNSHIP (judging in session)

About the Competition & Internship:

The Global Awards invites students from the world's top portfolio, design, and technology schools to build a career in our industry and help agencies transform healthcare advertising. The winners traditionally receive a paid internship at top Health & Wellness Advertising agencies in the world.  It’s truly a win/win for both students and agencies. Winners also receive a Global Awards Trophy and an opportunity to showcase their winning work on The Global Awards website. And they're invited as honored guests to the annual Global Awards Ceremony, which takes place in New York City and Sydney, Australia every November.

The Young Globals Student Competition & Internship is an incredible chance for students to compete against other students by taking on a real world challenge brief as crafted by sponsoring ad agencies in the Healthcare & Wellness Advertising and Communications industry.  This year's sponsors are Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and CALCIUM.  The prize is a paid summer internship at one of the sponsoring agencies, and a Global Award.  This year's challenge brief is "Pushing Back on Opioids," crafted by our sponsors to address the opioid crisis in the United States that has touched so many of us.  We're working in association with The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to do our part in fixing a spotlight on the epidemic and providing some thoughtful solutions.

    Saatchi + Saatchi Wellness.jpg

    Kristi Rowe "Push Back on Opioid Use"


    Kristi Rowe, CMO of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, speaks about the Opioid Crisis and the Young Globals Challenge "Push Back on Opioid Use"